Refined Laboratory Consulting

The team provides comprehensive solutions for a range of in house diagnostic tests for parasitic infections, which can be performed in your laboratory unit under your own accreditation. We provide consulting for:
  • Ready to use in house diagnostic tests
  • Control samples
  • Parasite models
  • Research partnership and contract assay development
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Precision Parasitology offer a range of reagents for the serological and direct diagnosis of parasite infections:
  • Native and recombinant parasite antigens for diagnostic applications (ELISA, IFA, WB, etc.)
  • Reagents and buffers for standardized diagnostic procedures
  • Monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies for diagnostic and research applications
  • Control reagents for diagnostic tests
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Technologies & Projects

We are eager to produce innovative diagnostics to improve global health:
  • Rapid diagnostic copro-tests for human- and veterinary parasitology
  • Test development for neglected tropical diseases
  • Medium- to high-throughput candidate screening pipelines based on secretome analyses, targeted proteomics, and cell-free recombinant technologies. 
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