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Precision Parasitology AG was founded in October 2022 by Philipp A. Kronenberg and Ramon M. Eichenberger. The company is specialized on various aspects on the consulting of parasite models, diagnostics, and the development of point-of-care tests for parasitic infections.

The main focus of Precision Parasitology’s platform is on parasitic diseases targeting human- and animal health. The company provides customized test consulting for private laboratories, components and complete diagnostic tests, critical assay reagents, and test development and optimization pipelines.

Our goal is to be a trusted source for all your assay development and manufacturing needs. We employ a strong multi-disciplinary team exhibiting complementary skills in different areas. The company maintains an extensive international network.

The Precision Parasitology Team
"Hats and Parasites"
You will identify us at conferences with a hat and a cap


Dr. Philipp A. Kronenberg
(DVM, PHD, DipL.EVPC, EBVS Specialist in Parasitology™)

Chief Executive Officer

Philipp Kronenberg has an extensive training in applied parasitology. He is qualified for all aspects of parasite diagnostics - from test development, to validation, and implementation. He has a strong interest in human parasitology, which is outlined by his intense research on diagnostic tools and epidemiology of echinococcosis.  By his general expertise in diagnostic assays, he leads the "hands-on" consulting platform of Precision Parasitology.


Dr. Ramon M. Eichenberger
(DVM, PhD, DIPL.EVPC, EBVS Specialist in Parasitology™, FVH Laboratory- & Basic medicine)

Chief Scientific Officer

With his background in microbiology and immunology, he sets the scientific direction of the company. Ramon Eichenberger has a broad expertise in diagnostic test development, and the production of novel research tools in parasitology. By exploring the parasite-host relationship with innovative proteomics pipelines, he is translating the results directly to novel test formats. His special interests are the production of monoclonal antibodies and recombinant technologies.

Scientific Advisors

Prof. em. Peter Deplazes
Prof. Dr. Peter Deplazes was the director of the Institute of Parasitology at the Vetsuisse Faculty from the University of Zurich. He has a strong expertise in medical- and veterinary parasitology, especially in the development of diagnostics (echinococcosis, angiostrongylosis, toxoplasmosis and many more). He provides an extensive international network including universities, industries, and authorities.
Prof. em. Bruno Gottstein
Prof. Dr. Bruno Gottstein was the director of the Institute of Parasitology at the Vetsuisse Faculty from the University of Bern. His in-depth background in parasite immunology was directly translated to the biomedical development of diagnostic assays (echinococcosis, taeniosis, fasciolosis, etc). He provides support in diagnostic antigens and in the commercialisation of diagnostic assays with industry partners.

Collaboration partners

Prof. Alex Loukas

Australian Institute of Tropical Health & Medicine, James Cook University, Cairns, Australia

Prof Loukas is an expert in neglected tropical diseases. Precision Parasitology collaborates in the development of novel diagnostic tools in remote areas.

Kubanychbek "Kuban" Abdykerimov

Section of Epidemiology, Vetsuisse Faculty, University of Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland

Mr Abdykerimov is an expert for parasite isolates for diagnostic antigens.

Consulting platform

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