research pipelines

It is not artificial - it is an art.
Research priorities of Precision Parasitology are:
Rapid diagnostic copro-tests for point-of-care human- and veterinary parasitology
Test optimization of current diagnostic assays and conditions
Automatization of diagnostic procedures

Current collaborations include:
Test development for neglected tropical diseases (non-commercial)
Medium- to high-throughput candidate screening pipelines based on in silico secretome analyses, targeted proteomics, and cell-free recombinant technologies

Precision Parasitology provides research consulting and coaching in:

  • Candidate screening (in silico, proteomics, cell free, etc.)
  • Monoclonal- and polyclonal antibody production
  • Epitope mapping (detection of diagnostic antibody binding partners)
  • Parasite models for test development and evaluation (antigen preparation, control samples, critical reagents, etc.)